Its street is the most beatiful side. With quiet and small square, and colorful houses with oriels, it is one of the heritages from the past of Bursa.

The building was restored by staying loyal to its original state and 80-year-old history of past has been preserved.

With city walls of Byzantine, restored recently, the gate of Ottoman reign, the street with parquets and maltha stone, Safran Otel brings the past to the present day.


Safran Otel Bursa
A legend of Bursa
Once upon a time, there was a king. He set up his dreamy city with the gratest of care. He liked the city so passionately that he gave his name to this city: Prusias. In course of time, Prusias turned into Prusa, and then Bursa. This city was always fruitful with its soil, its culture, and its art.