Safran Otel, a legend of Bursa

Its street is the most beatiful side. With quiet and small square, and colorful houses with oriels, it is one of the heritages from the past of Bursa.

The building was restored by staying loyal to its original state and 80-year-old history of past has been preserved.

With city walls of Byzantine, restored recently, the gate of Ottoman reign, the street with parquets and maltha stone, Safran Otel brings the past to the present day.

Ortapazar Cad. 9. Ara Sok. No: 3 Tophane / Bursa / Turkey(Location)
+90 (224) 224 72 16

Safran Otel

SAFRAN HOTEL was renovated in order to host its guests in comfort and started to serve with a new vision.

Safran Otel Restaurant

Our mission is to give our guests the warmth and peace of their homes as well as the comfort of the hotel.

  • Room breakfast
  • Meeting room
  • Room service
  • Safety box at reception
  • Wireless Internet
  • Wake up service
  • Dry cleaner
  • Laundry and ironing service
  • Parking lot

Safran Otel, a legend of Bursa

Once upon a time there was a king. It is the city that has adorned its dreams. He liked it so much, he liked it so much. Prusias’a. In time, Prusias became Prusa and then Bursa. It has always been productive with its culture and art.

He also admired Osman Bey, the founder of the great empire, for a while and made him a capital city. So much so that Osman Bey’s last request was ‘to be buried in Gümüşlü Kümbet’. Here is Safran Hotel in front of Gümüşlü Kümbet, which fascinates even the founder of an empire. Standing upright against time, history itself is in Kale Sokak.